When creating a new invoice, the system allows you to quickly identify when there are Prebooks pending to be billed for the days selected in the Order Summary filters.


The following steps only apply when the setting sell by units only is disabled.

Go to Order Entry>>Order Summary.

Notice the message "There are X prebooks that are pending to be billed for the orders dates selected". When you filter by customer, salesperson, or prebook #, the system will display the pending Prebooks for the selected customer in the dates range.

Once you click on the number of Prebooks pending to be billed two different behaviors can occur, depending on the user role:

  • Sales Allocation, Admin, Sales Manager: the system will take the user to the Allocations view, with the same filters applied on the Order Summary so they can complete the Prebooks pending to be billed.
  • Salespeople:  the system will take the users to the Prebooks Fulfillment view, where users will be able to see the Prebook details and mark it as completed.

When the setting Sell by units only is enabled and you click on the Prebooks pending to be Billed message, the Prebook Orders window will be displayed where you can see the Prebook orders according to the days selected. Once you click on Process Order, the system will take you the Prebooks Fulfillment view for Prebooks in boxes. Remember to complete the order you can go to the Allocation view. In the case of Prebooks in units, the system will take you to the Add Order window to complete the order directly. Notice that you also have the option of postponing the Prebook from the Actions column. Please consider that this option will postpone the entire Prebook and not only the items in units for 1 day. You can postpone a Prebook as many times as you want to.

In the case of Multilocation Companies, when the setting Sell by Units Only is enabled for a least one of the locations having pending orders, the system will also pop up the previous window (Prebook Orders) when clicking on the number of Prebooks pending to be billed. On the other hand, if the Prebook item is in boxes, and the setting Sell by Units only is disabled, the system will take you to the Prebooks Fulfillment view or the Allocations view, depending on the user role.

When the setting Warn users when confirming orders that contain items that have not been scanned inbound is enabled (Setup>>Settings>>Order Entry Options) the system will show an airplane icon, warning users that the order has at least one box still in transit.

The system displays a Sub Mark in the status column when a least one of the items in the order has been substituted.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.