Having access to your data and being able to examine it from different points of view will provide you valuable insights of your business. We offer a Business Intelligence (BI) platform called Komet Analytics, which offers user-friendly tools that will allow you to analyze your data, discover trends, generate reports, statistics and more.

Komet Analytics is accesible from all summary screens and dashboards and is automatically loaded on a daily basis with all the information you add into Komet Sales. The platform has two different profiles:

  • Viewer:  users  with this profile enabled can visualize reports from Summary screens (as explained on Where to generate Business Intelligence Reports in Komet?). With this profile, users can access preset reports and dashboards.
  • Designer: users with this profile enabled will have complete access to the platform and will be able to create data models, generate and schedule reports, create dashboards and much more.

  • Dashboard: A dashboard is a set of data. In Komet Analytics, dashboard may be used interchangeably with the word "report".  To access a report read Basic Actions. They are empty in its basic form and must be structured through widgets.

  • Widget: is a single data element. Designers can add as many widgets as they wish to their dashboards.