The system allows users to set a product aging restriction per customer. This restriction will apply to a customer when making a purchase through E-Commerce. This option is configured per customer account.  To see more information about the vendor information, read Vendor Name or Code for E-commerce.


  • Aging Restrictions per Customer is only available for companies who have E-commerce activated.
  • The "Max Age" and "Min Age" setting per customer will limit the available products they view on E-commerce to be purchased, to the product items that comply with the aging restriction. If the customer does not have any information configured on the E-commerce settings, the system will show all products available for the whole Company. E-Commerce Settings when displaying the available products on E-Commerce. 
  • Enabling the "Display Vendor Codes" option will cause for a "Details" link to be displayed at the product line item level within the E-commerce purchasing screen. This is so they are able to view the vendor code that the product was sourced from.


Go to Setup >> Customers

  Search for the customer account, under Actions column and select Edit.

The "Customer Information" window will pop-up. 

Under the Setup tab, click on the link: "Advanced".

Go to the "E-commerce Settings" section and configure the "Max Age", "Min Age" and "Display Vendor Codes" information as needed for that specific customer.  The user can see more information about this fields by hovering over "What's this?" link. After finishing click on "Save".