When the Clearent Integration is enabled, the system will allow users processing payments with credit cards from the Receive Payment and Order Entry screens. This article explains how to process payments from the Order Entry Screen.


  • This option will only work when the Require Payment Upon Confirmation setting is enabled for a given customer or the setting Allow to receive payment upon confirmation is enabled for the whole company or location, in multilocation companies . Read How to Receive a Payment From the Order Entry for further information.
  • Partial Payments are not allowed through this option.
  • You can receive credit card payments in two different ways: In-App (for which we recommend to setup the credit cards per customer) or through a POS Terminals (terminal devices must be set up per location, in multilocation companies).

Credit Card ( In-App)

Click on Pay & Confirm.

The Payment Information window will appear.

In the Payment Method option, select Credit Card (In-App).

The system will open a screen to enter the credit card information and the billing information. Notice that if there is card already saved, you will be able to select it.

Click on the payment amount and wait a couple of seconds until the payment is processed. 

A confirmation message will appear.

Once you close the confirmation window, the system will take you to the Add Order Screen in order to create a new order.

Credit Card Terminals (POS Devices)

Click on Pay & Confirm or Pay.

The Payment Information window will appear.

In the Payment Method option, select Credit Card (POS Terminal).

Click on Pay.

A new window will open to select the terminal, select it and click on Pay.

The system will connect to the terminal, follow the instructions on this to complete the transaction.

Wait couple of seconds until the payment is processed. A success message should appear. Click on Ok to finish.

(lightbulb)Security Level: Sales Manager, Sales, Cashier, Admin.

Receive Payments With Credit Cards

This process can also be executed from the Order Summary window when confirming orders. Read the informative note in the article How to Confirm an Order for further information.