Additional Charges can be added/edited directly on the PO Reconciliation screen in case these were not added when the PO was originally created.


Keep in mind that Komet Sales allows you to manage the columns shown on the PO Reconciliation screen. This way you can add the Additional Charges column to view it, as well as others, by clicking on the gear settings icon.

Only Procurement, Accounting, and Admins roles will have access to this screen. Also, selecting the "Allow invoices approval from reconciliation screens" user option is required for a user to be able to submit approvals on this screen. This option can be set from Set Up > Users > Edit > Options.


To get started, follow the steps below:

Go to A/P > PO Reconciliation.

 Click on the Gear Settings Icon next to the Search button as shown in the image below.

 The Default Columns window will pop up. Select the "Additional Charges" column and Click on Save.

The "Additional Charges" column will be displayed on the PO Reconciliation Screen. 

 The user will be able to see the additional charges when clicking on the magnifying glass in the "Actions" column to see detailed information for that purchase order. 

Additional Charges Processing

The system takes a moment to process additional charges. This is important since the system will prevent Sending POs if additional charges are still being processed.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Accounts Payable, Procurement, Manager, Procurement User.

Updating additional charges will be blocked once the Vendor Invoice Status of the PO is set to "A" (Approved). If the Vendor Invoice Status is "A" the system will show the error message displayed on the image below.

  • Once the additional charges are updated, the system re-calculates the per unit landed cost of all the products that are in the Staging Area, Inventory or already invoiced , regardless whether the product is in units or boxes.