The "V" mark will be shown when confirming PO's, so the vendor can identify the products that were ordered based on the "Vendor Availability".

You must have the vendor availability option active in order for the vendor to view the PO's that have been allocated and the ones that have not.


Follow the steps below

Go to Grower tab > Confirm POs.

 Click on Search.

 Use the Filter V.A. Status. The "V" mark will appear on the side of the product and this will indicate the product comes from Vendor Availability. 

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement User, Inventory.

Set Cost & Price

The vendor users or company that have active the Vendor Availability, can edit the cost and the price of a product. 

In the "Specify Breakdown Vendor Availability" option you can enter the Cost and Price.


Go to the Grower tab > Confirm POs.

 Filter and Search the PO 

 Under Actions click on "Substitute Items".

 Select "Specify Breakdown from Vendor Availability" , enter the information and hit Enter.


The price can be edited, but only if the setting "Allow changes in sales price" is activated by vendor. The price is suggested from the Price List, if the company has this activated.