This method returns information about configurations set up for a given user and customer.




  • Method: GET
  • Content-Type: URL Params.


  • X-SALES-CHANNEL (optional) (string: 20): Valid values: "WEB_APP", "MOBILE_APP", "K2K" , "ECOMMERCE_LITE". 
  • X-ACCOUNT (required)(integer:20): Company ID that is using the API. Please ask Komet Sales team to have this ID. 
  • authenticationToken (required)(string:50): Komet Sales security token.

Input parameters:

  • customerId (required)(integer:20): customer ID, used to search the settings based on the configuration for the customer. You can obtain this value from the customer.list API method.





  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.
  • userInfo (array): List of settings.
    • isMultilocation (Boolean): true/false. Indicates if the customer is multilocation or not.
    • showArrivalDate (Boolean): true/false. chargeTax (boolean): Indicates if the customer has the setting " or not.
    • isEcommerceLite (Boolean): true/false.  Indicates if the customer has the ecommerce lite (visual) experience enabled or not.
    • isMultiCompany (Boolean): true/false. Indicates if the user is associated to several companies.
    • isAdminSales (Boolean): true/false. Indicates if the user has or has not one of these roles: Admin role, Admin Sales role.
    • showVendorCodeOrName (integer:1): (0 not shown), 1(only the code), 2 (only the name).
    • companyName (string): the name of the company.
    • customerName (string): the name of the customer.
    • username (string): the name of the user.
    • companyLogo: (Temporarily not available)
    • enableAccessAppMobile (boolean): true/false. Indicates if the user has access to the app mobile or not.