This setting can be enabled for a specific customer if the FOB price needs to be shown in the Order Entry, Prebooks, and E-commerce screens instead of the unit price. The FOB price is calculated according to the Outbound Freight and Fuel Surcharge and added to the unit price. If the Outbound Freight is not enabled, the system calculates it with just the Fuel Surcharge to obtain the FOB Price.


Please take into account that, when creating a Prebook or a Standing Order, the salesperson must include the Fuel Surcharge in the price entered since the system won't include it when invoicing the items either manually or by automatic billing. The GPM displayed on sales screens will already include the Fuel Surcharge.



If you need for the FOB price to reflect the "Fuel Surcharge", it also has to be enabled.

Follow the next steps to enable this option for each customer's account

Go to Setup > Customers.

 Search for the customer account, under the Actions column and select Edit.

 The "Customer Information" window will pop up. 

 Under the Setup tab, click on the link: "Advanced".

In the Advaced Information sectionenable the option "Charge Fuel Surchargeand "Show FOB Price". 

 Click on Save.

Once the user activates this option for a given customer, the system will display a window where the user must read the implications of this setting and write the word CONFIRM in order to proceed.

FAQs on FOB Prices


How can you know when a customer is FOB?
  1. Once activated, this is how Komet displays the FOB price when adding items to an order. This option applies both for Price A and Price B

    This is how the FOB Price is displayed on the invoice if the option is activated for a customer. The Fuel Surcharge and the Outbound Freight are added to the unit price.

If the option is deactivated, the system will show the Fuel Surcharge and the Outbound Freight (any that applies) as separate lines on the invoice.


2. Users can easily identify wheter a customer is FOB or isn't from the Add Order Screen. Once the customer is selected, the system will display this information below the customer name.

How to know the FOB price when the option to show it is disabled?

If a customer has the option to "Show FOB Price" disabled the sales person can view it by double clicking othe product line while creating the order.

Fuel Surcharge and Commissions Report

The Total invoice amount in the Commissions report will also include the Fuel Surcharge, meaning that commissions paid to salespersons will also include the Fuel Surcharge paid by customers.