This article explains step by step how to sell mixed boxes coming from Vendor Availability through the E-commerce.



We have some products on the Available Items section of Vendor Availability. In this example, we are going to sell a Mixed Box with the following products: Roses Green Garden 50, Roses Purple Garden 50, and Pom Daisy Manzana 70.

The first step is to create a price list. To do so, we go to Setup>>Price Lists and Click on New Price List button. We should select All as the Price List Type. Remember to associate a Season.

Now, we add the products to the created price list.

The next step is associating the Price List to the e-commerce customer. We can associate a Price List to a Customer either from the Customer Setup or from the Price List tab. For more information read Assigning Price Lists to Customers. In this example, we are going to associate this price List to the Alzate 3 Customer.

Now, we have to set up the Factor for the Box type to use in the mixed box in order to avoid for the box to be filled beyond its' capacity. For further information, read Factor for Mixed Boxes.

The next step is to set up the Customer Product Packs for the Products to be sold. While adding each Product Pack is important to enter the Factor for each product. Read Factor for Mixed Boxes for more information.

Now, once the user logs into the e-commerce and selects a date when the product is available according to the company set up, the system will allow adding the mixed box. Please read Add Mixed Boxes Through E-commerce for more information.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin (from Seller company)