Since the AWB freight and handling costs will vary as the time passes, the system allows to setup the AWB Freight and Handling cost by time periods (seasons). This article explains how to do it.

How to setup the AWB Freight and Handling Costs?


Go to Setup>>Settings

 Click on Financial Settings under Company Setup

Click on the AWB Freight/Handling tab. Since those freights are setup on a per season basis, the system will display a summary of the seasons created, the Start On date along with the last person who created and edited the season. To create a new season, click on the New Season green button.

The system will open the Add/Edit Season window. Enter the Season name and the Starting On date. Once you have finished, click on Save. This new season created will have the values (AWB freight and handling cost) of the previous season.



It is not possible to create two seasons with the same Start On date.

To edit the season name or the Starting On date, click on Edit, in the Actions column. to set the AWB Freight and handling costs, click on Set Rates.

A new window will open with the Season name. From this window, it is possible to setup the Freight and Handling costs for each Port. Please remember that each Port created will be associated with all the seasons. Once you have finished, click on Save.

Once you set up the seasons for your and company and their rates, the system will take them into account to calculate the product costs and prices according to the Ship Date of the Purchase Order. 


How to adjust AWB freights and handling costs in multi-location companies?


Go to Setup>>Locations

 Click on Edit, in the Actions column for a given location.

Once you click on Edit, the system will display the location information window.  Click on the AWB Freight/Handling tab, and follow the steps explained above in order to Add Seasons and associate them AWB and Handling rates.

About the Seasons

Seasons do not have an end date. That date will be given for the Starting on Date of the new Season created.

The first Season will be created by default when a new company or location are created with a Starting On Date of 01/01/2014.