The system allows either print several Prebooks at once or one at a time from the Prebook Summary. This article explains how to do it.


Print a Single Prebook

Go to Prebooks & SO's>>Prebook Summary

 Use the available filters to find the Prebook that you want to print.

 Go to the Actions column and click on Print in the drop-down menu. A confirmation window may appear according to the Additional Charges Distribution setting. The system will download the Prebook in PDF.

Print a Prebook while creating it

The system allows to print Prebooks from the Add Prebook screen.

Print Prebooks Massively

Go to Prebooks & SO's>>Prebook Summary.

 Use the available filters to find the Prebooks you want to print. Keep in mind that the system will print as many Prebooks as the system finds.

 Click on the Actions gray button and then click on Print Prebooks.

 The system will open the Send Prebooks window where you may enter the email address where the Prebooks should be sent to. You can enter additional emails separated by semicolons. Click on Send to finish.

A notification will appear at the top of the screen once the Prebooks are sent to the entered emails. They will receive a link that will allow downloading the Prebooks in a single PDF file. 

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Fulfillment,Admin, Sales Manager, Sales, Allocations, Procurement Manager.


Tax information will be visible in the PDF document of the prebook.