In some cases, the user may need to edit or delete a discount of an item in an order.


In order to do so, please follow the next steps:

Go to Order Entry > Order Summary

Use the filters to search for the needed order. Click on "Search".

Under the "Actions" column, click on "Edit".

 Once in the order, Go to the Actions column and click on Edit. 

 A new window will pop up, change the discount % of the item and click on "Add".


By editing discounts the Ext. Price will recalculate and the discounted unit price total will be updated once the product is added. Also, the GPM will recalculate based on the discount applied.

The user can also mass update the discount % on the same screen when editing the order by going to the "Actions" button shown on the upper right-hand side corner of the Add order screen and clicking on the "Apply discount to all hard goods" link.

 The "Mass Update" window will pop up, put in the discount to be applied and click on "Save".

 A mass update confirmation window will pop up, click on "Yes, proceed".

The user will be taken back to the Order screen , click on "Save" on the order, so that any information updated can be saved.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Sales, Sales Manager, Cashier, Allocations.