The Quality Control section allows for QC inspections to be added and managed.

Please note that inspections that are not Finalized will not be viewed by the growers in the grower portal.

Adding a QC inspection:

To add a QC inspection, follow the steps below:

Go to the QC (Quality Control) tab and click on Add Inspection / Vendor Credit.

Click on Select a Product, search for the product using the available filters and under Actions column click on Inspect

 Type how many boxes were inspected and add the Quality Control Reason.


QC reasons can also be set under Setup > Settings, go to Inventory > Quality Control Options.

 Select the Action (to set the actions please send us an email - support@kometsales.com with the information).

Images or documents and notes can also be added to the inspection. To record the information, click on Save. The inspection will have a status "In Progress". If you click on Finalize, the system will ask you to send an email to the vendor before finalizing the inspection.  

Go to the QC Summary sub-tab to view the inspections and the status of each of them, here you can also ViewEdit or Print them. 


(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin,  Procurement User, QC, 

Custom Columns

Notice there is a gear icon from which you can choose the columns to be displayed on the Search Product screen.