One of the general documents required for basic customs clearance into Canada includes the Canadian Customs Invoice (CCI). This document helps the Customs Officials to verify the products, their quantities, value, weight, etc.



In case you want to to add the AWB number to the CCI, add it as  Ref # while creating the order, from the Add Order screen.

Komet Sales allows for the CCI to be printed from two different screens:

Shipping Tab

Go to Shipping > Order Summary.

 Use the search button to find the orders that the CCI will be printed for.

 Select the orders using the check box.

 Go to the "Actions" button and click on Print CCI.

The system will download the Canadian Custom Invoice for each of the orders previously selected. 

Order Entry Tab

This option will allow the user to print the CCI for the orders individually.

Go to Order Entry > Order Summary.

 Use the search button to find the orders that the CCI will be printed for.

 Go to the "Actions" column and click on Print Docs.

 Select the CCI option and click on print. This document is only available in PDF format.

 Regardless of the option used to print the CCI document, the document printed will be like this.


Keep in mind that the boxes must have the weight configured in the Box Dimensions for the system to calculate the Total Weight in the CCI.

How to email CCI from the Order Entry

The system allows the Salesperson to email the CCI along with other documents. Please follow the next instructions:

Go to Order Entry>>Order Summary

 Search for the order using the available filters.

 Go to the Actions column and click on Email Docs in the drop-down menu.

The Send Email window will open, check the CCI box, enter the email you want to send the CCI,  add the notes to the email, and click on Send

The email send will look like this.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Shipping.