In some scenarios, a company may want to allow certain vendors to enter purchase orders on their behalf in order to optimize their procurement users time.

In order to do this, vendors will create purchase orders with the items that will be shipped. As soon as the purchase order is created, the system will automatically confirm it.


In order to enable the "Purchase Order creation" for vendors, follow these steps

Go to the Setup Vendors.

User filters to "Search" for the vendor and under the "Actions" column, click on "Edit". 

 The "Vendor Information" window will pop up, then go to the "Options" tab and check the box "Allow creating POs", click on "Save"


Once the vendor has this option activated, they will be able to create purchase orders.

To create a purchase order, go to  Purchase Order Purchase Order Summary > Create New Order and click on the green button New PO. 


Once the PO is created and its Status is Confirmed, the vendor will be able to add the PO to an AWB (or automatically added to a temporary AWB).


  • When the created PO by a vendor is automatically added to an AWB, a color icon will appear in the PO reconciliation screen informing that the PO was created by a vendor.