Unexpected things can happen at any time affecting the product availability, even after the Prebook has been created. Notify the sales person and mark the product as Unable to Source by using this feature. This way your clients can make decisions about getting different products or waiting a little longer for you to find them with a different grower. This mark is available for Prebooks in units and boxes.

This feature can also be used in the Bulk Purchasing Mode and from the Vendor Portal.




Go to Purchase Orders > Add Order tab.

 Click on one PO at a time link

 Click on Add Items

 The Product Needs window will display where you can see the prebooks that have been created. If for some reason the procurement team cannot find a particular product from the prebooks you can notify the sales person about the issue by clicking on the "This product cannot be Sourced" icon located on the Actions column.    

Enter the reason why you couldn't find the product to let the sales person know about it in order to notify the customer. Then, click on Save. 

 The system will automatically mark the product with the Unable to Source icon and notify the sales person by email. If you click on the icon you will be able to see the information related to the product, the reason why you couldn't get it and the notification date.

If the procurement team eventually finds the goods you can remove the Unable to Source icon by adding the product to a Purchase Order.