There will be cases in which your customers might want to double up their orders during the holidays. In these cases, the "Holiday Orders" feature comes in handy since you can easily double up their orders without affecting the automatic generation of Prebooks and PO's from Standing Orders (in case they are enabled).


To create a Holiday Order, please follow these steps:

Go to Prebooks & SO's > Standing Order Summary.

Use the filters in order to Search for the Standing Order that you need to double. For example, you can filter by Customer.

There are two options for generating the order. For a single SO, go under the "Actions" column and click on Create Holiday Order. (Or select several orders by checking the boxes in the left-hand column and click on Generate Orders).

The Confirmation window will pop up, select any date within the week that you wish to create the double order for and then click on the "Create" green button (The day selected on the confirmation window indicates the week of the truck date and not a specific day). In order type filter, select Holiday Order. Choose if you want to generate the Purchase Orders. Finally, click on Generate.

Should you choose to generate Purchase Orders?

  • If the Truck Date of Prebooks to be generated is the same of the SO, you should choose "Yes", and the system will generate the PO with its corresponding vendor Ship Date, as usual.
  • If the Truck Days of the Prebook is different than the SO, you should choose "No" in order to allow the buyers to manually create de POs.

How to Identify Holiday Orders

  • The system will create the Prebook (or Prebooks in case the Standing Order has multiple recurrences within the week) which will have a blue "D" as a prefix in the Prebook #. This will allow you to quickly identify orders being double.This is how the double order will look like when searching for it in Prebooks & SO's >> Prebook Summary.

  • If you do not generate Purchase Orders, the Prebooks' doubles can be found in the Bulk Purchasing Mode, filtering by Order Type: Doubles.



When you need a duplication for a partial order, we recommend you generate the Holiday Order, and then go to the Prebook Summary and delete the products you do not want to be duplicated.


Holiday Orders for Future Sales

The system will allow you to generate Double Orders for the Future Sales Customer. In order to do this, please follow the next steps:

Go to Prebooks & SO's>>Add Standing Order.

Complete the Standing Order Information making sure of entering the Future Sales Customer and click on Save to finish.

Go to Standing Order Summary and search for the Standing Order created. Go to the Actions column and click on Create Holiday Order.

The Purchase Order should be generated. Go to the Purchase Order Summary and search for the Standing Order #.

Standing Orders Consolidation

The system will consolidate Standing Orders for future sale in the same PO provided that they have the same vendor, ship date and location (in multilocation companies).

Separate Holiday Invoices

When products are invoiced for automatic billing and allocations, you can separate holiday and regular items. Please read Automatic Billing & Allocation Options for further information.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales Manager, Sales, Procurement Manager, Allocations.