In order to allow your company staff to log into Komet Sales, company users must be created.


Users can have multiple roles, permissions, and restrictions depending on what the admin wishes to allow users to access within the system.

How to Set Up Company Users
To set up company users please follow the steps below:

Click on Setup > Users,  click on Company User.

 Click on the green Add User button.

 Enter the user information and select the role.

Then click on Save.

The Company user can be associated with a Grower or E-Commerce account by other Companies. This is how the screen will look when login:

A Company user cannot be Grower and E-commerce user simultaneously for the same Company.

Please keep in mind the following when creating a new Company User:

  • By default, the login will be the email address for new users.

  • The login nor the email address can be modified by an Administrator user.

  • Only Company users will be able to reset their password if needed. This is confidential information.

Set up: Salesperson Codes

The system will allow adding Salesperson Codes to identify different levels of transactions when creating an invoice order or a Prebook. To create the Salesperson Codes in the system, please follow these instructions:

Go to Setup > Users > Select the salesperson user you want to add the code for.

 Click on the "Actions" column and click on Edit.


  A third tab called, "Salesperson Codes" will be available.

Under this tab, an "Add new salesperson code" link will be available, click on this option. An option to set a Code as a Default Code for all transactions will be available.

Enter the code information that needs to be created and click on Save.

 If a code needs to be edited: simply go to the Salesperson Codes Tab, for the specific salesperson and on the actions column select either "Edit" or "Delete".

After the Salesperson Code is set, the Salesperson should be selected when creating an invoice or Prebook. The system will display the option to add Salesperson Codes to each invoice or Prebook as needed.

To have Salespeople Codes enabled, please contact Komet Sales.

User Options

Depending on the user role chosen for company users, certain restrictions or permissions can be set, that will restrict or grant additional access and actions to different company users as needed. For setting up this, go to Setup>>Users and click on Edit for a specific user in the Actions column. Notice that each option has its corresponding tipsy explanation.

For example, users can access reports even if they are not admin users.


  • Open Call list: enabling this option will automatically open the Call List window within the order entry screen.

  • Approve Own Credits: enabling this option will allow users with a salesperson role to approve their own credits in the system.
  • Delete Items from Orders: this option allows salespeople to delete items from orders.
  • Require Vendor for Prebooks: by enabling this option the system will require the vendor and limit products to pre-set packs on the Prebook screen.
  • Manage Own Customers: enabling this option will restrict the user to only see their own customers within Komet Sales.
  • Do not allow to enter product pack on Prebooks: this option allows to restrict the user from changing the product pack while creating or editing a Prebook.
  • Allow to See Company's Sales in Dashboards: By enabling this option, the user will be able to see company-wide sales information. In the case of multilocation companies, users will be able to see the sales information of their location in the Dasboard.
  • Allow Editing Prebook Price from the Bulk Mode: Once this option is enabled for a given user, the system will allow users to edit the price of Prebooks in the Bulk Purchasing Mode>>Pending Tab.
  • Sales Product Division: Based on the Product Division selected the system will only display product belonging to that division when selling a product (Prebook/SO and Order Entry screens). Keep in mind that the Product Division is assigned when creating the Category for each product in the Setup > Product tab. 
  • Enable Auto Credit On Mass Allocation: when this option is enabled, the system will allow the user to bill items from customers that have reached their credit limit during the Mass Allocation process. The credit manager will be notified via email for these cases.
  • Do not allow to add single items to Prebooks: enabling this option will restrict the user to add single items to the Prebooks. Only items from Future Sales and Vendor Availability can be added to the order.
  • Users can Decrease the Price of an Item by any %: The system will allow the user to decrease the prices of the products without any Price Override required. This will apply in the Order Entry screen. 
  • Allow to decide how to proceed upon confirmation: By enabling this option, the system will ask salespeople if they want to email the invoice, create a new order or go to the Order Summary, once the order is confirmed in the Add Order screen.
  • Display GPM Tooltip: enabling this option will show detailed information on the dashboard GPM widget.
  • Allow user to void orders massively: By enabling this option, the system will allow the user to void orders massively from the Order Summary screen, returning the products back to the inventory.
  • Restrict from reopening Approved Credits: By enabling this option, the user will not be able to reopen credits that have already been approved.
  • View Totals in Order Summary: enabling this option will allow the user to view the totals on the Order Summary screen.
  • Hide Sensitive Data on Sales Screens: by enabling this option the system will hide the Customer Credit Limit and Aging on the Order Entry screens. 
  • Do not allow to confirm orders in the past: By enabling this option, the system will not allow the user to confirm orders with a date in the past.
  • Allow Price Changes on Purchased Items: enabling this feature will allow salespeople to make changes to the sales price on Prebook items that have been already added to a Purchase Order.
  • Allow to Modify Other Charges in Pricing Screens: By enabling this option, the system will allow to change the Other Charges field in the Landed Cost components from inventory screens.

  • Do not allow access to Customers' E-commerce: By enabling this setting, the system will hide for this user the link to access E-commerce customers' accounts.

Account Receivable/Payable
  • Allow invoices approval from reconciliation screens: Once this option is enabled, the user will be able to approve or reject invoices from all Reconciliation screens.
  • Don't allow to change dates of payments received: enabling this option, the user will no be able to change dates of payments received thus the Payment Date will be that in which the payment is entered.
  • Notify vía email when a Credit Override is approved by somebody else: By enabling this option, the system will send an email notification to the user for which it is enabled, letting them know when another user approves a Credit Override.


  • Allow Printing Invoices On Shipping Screens: The system will allow shipping role users to print invoices on shipping screens.
  • Allow changing the date and carrier of the orders massively: By activating this option, users will be able to change the date and carrier of the orders massively in the Shipping / Order Summary screen.
  • Print Shipping Docs only as PDF (available when Remote Printer option is enabled): Enabling this option, the system will always download automatically the shipping paperwork as PDF instead of using a remote printing.
  • Allow manually marking orders as scanned: Enabling this option, will allow the users to mark orders as completely scanned from the Shipping order Summary screen.

Other Settings

  • Hide Prices & Costs: enabling this option will hide the costs & prices on the Standing Orders, Prebooks, Inventory & Order Entry screens. This option will also restrict the users to download reports and documents.
  • View Customer Documents: enabling this option will allow users to view the "Documents" tab within the customer profile.
  • Allow Change Default Language by enabling this option the system will allow the user to change the default language.
  • Access to Reports: by enabling this option the system will display the "Reports" tab which will be automatically limited to the roles that are active for the user. For example, a salesperson role will only have access to the Sales Reports.
  • Massive Deletion from Inventory: by enabling this option, the system will allow users to delete items massively from the Inventory Summary screen. For more information read How to Delete Items Massively.
  • Do Not Allow to Delete Inventory in Boxes (Available soon): by enabling this option, the system will prevent users from deleting inventory in boxes from the Inventory Summary screen.


  • IP Address Access Restriction: enabling this option restricts the access to this user's Komet Sales account based on the IP Address.

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