Komet Sales provides the ability to print and email the POD from the Order Summary once the file has been uploaded. The file is available in PDF format.


How to Upload a POD?

You don't really have to upload PODs on Komet Sales. Once you completed the setup explained on How to set up POD (Proof of Delivery)?, the PODs in PDF format will be uploaded on the system provided that they are stored with the correct name and location.

How to Email PODs Manually

The system allows sending PODs from the order summary screen. Follow the next steps to do that:

Go to Order Entry>Order Summary.

 Go to the Actions column for a specific order and click on Email Docs.

The Send Email window will open. Since the POD for this order is available, check its box and enter the emails separated by semicolons where the PODs should be sent to.


POD Emailed

This is a sample of how the email sent with the POD will look like

How to Email PODs Automatically

An e-mail notification with the POD file will be sent to the contacts that have this option enabled after the POD file has been uploaded to Komet Sales. To enable this option for a contact, follow the next steps:

Go to Setup > Customers > Edit.

 Once you click on Edit, a Customer Information window will pop up in order to edit the customer's information click on the Contacts tab, and then on Edit under the Actions column.

When you click on Edit, the contact window will appear. Once there, check or uncheck "E-mail POD". This is to determine whether or not you want the customer to receive the POD notification. When done, click on "Save".

Instructions for Printing POD

Follow these steps:

Go to Order Entry > Order Summary.

 Use the filters required to Search for the order. 

 Under the Actions column, click on "Print Docs".

 The Print Docs window will pop-up if the file wasn't uploaded the user cannot print the file and the option will appear in gray with a message as "POD (Not available yet)". 

 If the file was uploaded the user will have the option to check the box "POD" and print the document, as shown in the image below.

Click on the "Print" green button.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement User, Inventory.

POD was not uploaded

In case the POD is not uploaded successfully