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Companies may need to If your company uses Cargo Master to coordinate shipments from your vendors you can integrate Komet Sales with Cargo master for their cargo managementMaster in order to automatically make the reservations on the cargo agent system once a PO is sent to the vendors.

Getting Cargo Master Integrated with Komet:

  1. In order to get Cargo Master integrated with Komet sales , the administrator user , will need to contact Cargo Master Support to request a username and password.
  2. Cargo Master will need the following details to process this request: 
    1. The name of the company making the request, the importers it works with, the vendors and
    1. the functionalities that the company needs. For example: Generate Labels, send PO'S, etc.
  3. Cargo Master will send the username, password and importer code to the user.
  4. The user will then need to go to Komet Sales and login. 
  5. Once logged in, Go to Setup>Settings>Integrations> Setup > Settings > Integrations > Cargo Master Settings.
  6. A new window will pop up for be displayed where the user to can enter the login details provided by Cargo Master and select whether PO's should be sent manually or automatically to Cargo Master.

  7. Click on Save.
  8. The user's company is now linked with Cargo Master.


A Cargo Master code is needed for each vendor. This field will appear once the integration settings are setup. Each of these codes will be provided by Cargo Master.

Adding Cargo Master Codes for Vendors:

Once Cargo Master has been integrated with Komet

, users will need to add a master code to each vendor. In

each vendor that ships with Cargo Master will need the corresponding Cargo Master code setup in Komet.  In order to do this follow the instructions below:

  1. Go To Setup> Setup > Vendors, select the vendor you wish to add the code to and click on edit from the actions column.
  2. The Vendor Information window will pop upbe displayed.
  3. Enter the vendor's code provided by Cargo Master on the field provided and click on save.


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