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The system allows uploading invoices using Komet and synchronizing them with the an External Accounting System using both system's information.


To have this option enabled for your company, please contact Komet Sales.


To be able to synchronize vendor invoices with the external system follow the instructions listed below:

  1. The vendor should must confirm the purchase order and upload their invoice to Komet following instructions provided on Upload invoices to Komet .

  2. The Accounting and Procurement departments should approve the invoice by following the Workflow to Approve Vendor Invoices instructions.

  3. Once approved, Go go to Account Accounts Payable (A/P) > PO Reconciliation > click on the Actions button and select the option "Send to External System". At this point the Vendor Invoice Status for the invoice will be changed to "Sent to External System".

  4. Following this, the system will synchronize the data from Komet with the external system and once done, the Vendor Invoice Status will change to "Synchronized"


  5. Finally, the invoice will be synchronized with the External System and you will be able to process payments for that invoice.



The system will only synchronize vendor invoices approved by the Accounting and Procurement departments.


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Companies using Quickbooks:

The following items must be taken into account when using the Quickbooks Integration with Komet:

  • The vendor should have a QB Accounting name assigned in Komet. This name should be the same as the QB name. 
  • The purchase order in Komet will be the same as the "Bills" in QB.
  • The Bills number in QB will be integrated by the purchase order number and the vendor invoice number assigned in Komet. 
  • The Bills date in QB will be the same as the Ship Date in Komet.
  • The product in QB will always be known as "Fresh Cut Flowers".
  • The Bills totals in QB will be the same as the Komet total. 


The company can have different classes using QuickBooks. Please contact Komet Sales to have this option enabled.