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In some scenarios you may want to allow certain vendors to create their own shipmentsenter purchase orders on your behalf in order to optimize your buyers time.

In order to do this the vendors will need to create a Purchase Order for themselves with the items that they're going to ship. As soon as the PO is created the system will automatically approve it so that the vendor can view the products under the "Confirm POs" page and follow the normal procedure to confirm and ship items.


In order to enable "Purchase Order creation" for your vendors you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the "Setup" tab at the main menu and choose "Vendors".
     2.  Select
  1. Select the "Vendor" and click on "edit" at the right hand side under the column "Actions".
    Image Modified
           3.  Go
  1. Go to the tab "Options" check the box "Allow create POs" and click "Save".
    Image Modified

When the grower user want is ready to create a new Purchase Order the should got user must go to the Purchase order tab > Order tab and then click on the Purchase Order Summary tab >  and select the Create New Order button.


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