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Komet Sales allows companies to create General and Promotional messages for E-commerce customers to view once they log-in to their accounts. This option is only available through the e-commerce list experience, for more information please read the article on Customer Account Advanced Setup.


Only Admin users have the option to create E-commerce General and Promotional Messages.


UI Steps

UI Step

Go to Setup>Settings.

UI Step

Under E-commerce click on Promotions and Messages.

UI Step

The Promotions and Messages window will open.

UI Step

To create a new message, click on the New Message tab.

UI Step

Enter the title you would like the message to have.

UI Step

Under Content enter the message you would like the users to see. Images can be added as well.

UI Step

On the fields for Publish On and Expires On, select the beginning and end date for the message to be displayed, along with the specific time you want the message to be published and expire in Eastern Time.

UI Step

Select the type of message. 

UI Step

Click on Save to finish.


If you select Pop-up, this will be displayed at the lower right of the screen as follows:

On the other hand, if you choose the window type message, the system will open a window which will fill the screen once the user login into the E-commerce. If more than one message type window is running during the same period, only the first will be a window and the others become pop-ups.

How to edit Promotional Messages

Once the message is published, Komet will automatically take you to the Message History tab within the Promotions and Messages screen.  In this screen, you will be able to see all of your previous messages. You will see the original Title of the message, date and time it was published on, date and time it expired, the current Status, total number of customers that read the message and the Actions column.  

Under the Actions column, you have the option to EditDelete or Copy message. A message that is selected to be published on a future date or time from the day you are originally creating the message will appear under the Status column as a  Draft.  Under the Actions column, you have the option to Edit, Delete, Copy or Publish as shown below:


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