This method allows canceling completely a Web Order. Keep in mind that this method only works with user's tokens.

How does this option work?

This method is used to delete Web Orders and the items within them. Since Web Orders may contain items coming from prebooks or orders, there are two possible scenarios: 

  • In the case of prebooks, the system will remove the items from the prebook but the prebook itself will not be deleted.
  • In the case of orders, the system will remove the items and the order will be voided. However, if the order contain items from different web orders or added through a different method, the whole order won't be voided.



  • Method: POST
  • Content-Type: application/json


  • X-ACCOUNT (required)(integer:20): Company ID that is using the API. Please ask Komet Sales team to have this ID. 
  • authenticationToken (required)(string:50): Komet Sales security token.

Input parameters:

  • customerId (required)(integer:20): customer ID. You can obtain this value from the customer.list API method.
  • webOrderId (required)(integer:20): the ID of the Web Order that you want to delete on Komet Sales.



    • message (String): description of the transaction status.
    • webOrderId: the ID of the Web Order created on Komet Sales.
    • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.