Returns a list of Standing Orders with their corresponding details based on the applied filters.



  • Method: POST
  • Content-Type: application/json

Input parameters:

  • authenticationToken (required)(string:50): Komet Sales security token.
  • dateFrom (required)(date): ... (format YYYY-MM-DD).
  • dateTo (required)(date): ... (format YYYY-MM-DD).
  • customer (optional)(string:50): customer name or code.
  • customerId (optional)(integer:10): Customer Komet Sales internal ID. This parameter is used to search standing orders from only one customer. You can obtain this value from the customer.list API method.
  • number (optional)(string:10): standing order number.
  • locationId (optional)(integer:10): location Komet Sales internal ID. You can obtain this value from the location.list API method.
  • status (optional)(string:20): it's used if you want to load only some orders with a specific status. Valid values: All, Active, Cancelled. If this filter is not set, the system will return only the active standing orders.


Filtering by customerId, status, number and locationId uses an exact match. Filtering by customer uses a "LIKE" expression. Filters are not case sensitive.





  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.
  • message (string:500): description of the status of the transaction.
  • standingOrders: array of standing orders. 
    • id (integer:20): Komet Sales internal standing order ID.
    • number (integer:10): purchase order number.
    • customerName (string:200): customer name.
    • priceList (string:200): price list associated to the customer.
    • carrierName (string:200): carrier name.
    • recurrence (integer:1): the recurrence of the standing order. 
    • days (string:100): the list of the days when the order will be generated separated by comma. e.g.: Sunday, Monday. 
    • startDate (date): date when the SO starts. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
    • endDate (date): date when the SO finishes. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
    • salesperson (string:200): salesperson name.
    • locationCode (string:20): location code.
    • locationName (string:200): location name.
    • shipToName (string:200): Ship To Name.
    • shipToCarrier (string:200): Default Carrier of the Ship To.
    • shipToStreet (string:200): Ship To Street.
    • shipToCity (string:200): Ship To City.
    • shipToState (string:200): Ship To State.
    • shipToZipcode (string:200): Ship To Zip Code.
    • shipToCountry (string:200): Ship To Country.
    • shipToPhone (string:200): Ship To Phone.
    • shipToFax (string:200): Ship To Fax.
    • customerCode (string:50): Customer Code
    • details: array of purchase orders details
      • soItemId (integer:20): SO Item Komet Sales Internal ID.
      • productId (integer:20) product Komet Sales internal ID.
      • productDescription (string:200): product description.
      • units (integer:10): units per box.
      • unitType (string:5): stem or bunch.
      • bunches (integer:10): number of bunches per box.
      • totalBoxes (integer:10): number of boxes.
      • totalUnits (integer:10): total of units.
      • unitPrice (decimal:10,2): unit flower price.
      • totalPrice (decimal:10,2): total units flower price.
      • unitCost (decimal:10,2): unit flower cost.
      • totalCost (decimal:10,2): total units flower cost.
      • stemsBunch (integer:10): stems per bunch.
      • markCode (string:20): special mark code or slot number.
      • boxType (string:3): box type code. (HB, QB, EB, etc).
      • vendorName (string:200): vendor name.
      • isAssorted (boolean:1): if the product is assorted is true, otherwise it will be false. 
      • breakdowns: array of breakdowns
        • productId (integer:20): product Komet Sales internal ID.
        • productDescription (string:200): product description.
        • stemsBunch (integer:10): stems per bunch.
        • bunches (integer:10): number of bunches.
        • price (decimal:10,2): unit flower price.



    "message": "OK",
    "status": "1",
    "standingOrders": [
            "id": 7165,
            "number": "S07165",
            "customerName": "AB Flower Shop",
            "priceList": "",
            "carrierName": "Armellini",
            "recurrence": 1,
            "days": "Sunday, Monday",
            "startDate": "2015-05-18",
            "endDate": "2015-05-27",
            "salesPerson": "none",
            "locationCode": "",
            "locationName": "",
            "shipToName": "Diane",
            "shipToCarrier": "",
            "shipToStreet": "45 Elm ave 2",
            "shipToCity": "Miami",
            "shipToState": "FL",
            "shipToZipCode": "33172",
            "shipToPhone": "306589675415",
            "shipToCountry": "USA",
            "shipToFax": "302123456789",
			"customerCode": "1034",
            "details": [
                    "soItemId": 28569,
                    "productId": 140294,
                    "productDescription": "Calla Yellow Florex Gold 50 cm",
                    "units": 14,
                    "unitType": "Bunch",
                    "bunches": 14,
                    "totalBoxes": 10,
                    "totalUnits": 140,
                    "unitPrice": 1.25571,
                    "totalPrice": 175.7994,
                    "unitCost": 0.577,
                    "totalCost": 80.8,
                    "stemsBunch": null,
                    "markCode": "",
                    "boxType": "EB",
                    "vendorName": "",
                    "breakdowns": [
                            "productId": 140294,
                            "productDescription": "Calla Yellow Florex Gold 50 cm",
                            "bunches": 10,
                            "stemsBunch": 5,
                            "price": 1.53
                            "productId": 335312,
                            "productDescription": "Flower Food Blue 10gr Crysal",
                            "bunches": 4,
                            "stemsBunch": 6,
                            "price": 0.57
                    "assorted": true
                    "soItemId": 28570,
                    "productId": 139489,
                    "productDescription": "Pom Cushion White Sefiros 70 Cm",
                    "units": 10,
                    "unitType": "Bunch",
                    "bunches": 10,
                    "totalBoxes": 10,
                    "totalUnits": 100,
                    "unitPrice": 1.53,
                    "totalPrice": 153,
                    "unitCost": 0.3,
                    "totalCost": 30,
                    "stemsBunch": 12,
                    "markCode": "",
                    "boxType": "EB",
                    "vendorName": "Agro Roses of the North",
                    "breakdowns": [],
                    "assorted": false