Returns a list of purchase orders with their corresponding details based on the applied filters.




  • Method: GET
  • Content-Type: URL Params. 

Input parameters:

  • authenticationToken (required)(string:50): Komet Sales security token.
  • date (required)(date): the vendor ship date of the order. (format YYYY-MM-DD).
  • futureInventoryAvailableFrom (optional)(date): the date when the product will be available from. (format YYYY-MM-DD). The specified date range must not exceed 4 days.
  • futureInventoryAvailableTo (optional)(date): the date when the product will beavailable to. (format YYYY-MM-DD). The specified date range must not exceed 4 days.
  • vendor (optional)(string:50): vendor name or code.
  • vendorId(optional)(integer:10): vendor Komet Sales internal ID. This parameter is used to search purchase orders from only one vendor. You can obtain this value from the vendor.list API method.
  • customerId(optional)(integer:20): customer Komet Sales internal ID. You can obtain this value from the customer.list API method.
  • customerPONumber (optional) (string:20): The PO # of the customer.
  • product (optional)(string:100): product description.
  • number (optional)(string:10): purchase order number. You may send a set of numbers separated by commas. 
  • origin (optional)(string:4): origin code (MIA, MDE, BOG, etc).
  • prebook(optional)(string:10):prebooknumber.
  • locationId(optional)(integer:10): location Komet Sales internal ID. You can obtain this value from the location.list API method.
  • status (optional)(string:20): it's used if you want to see only some orders with a specific status. Valid values: Confirmed by Farm, Approved, Pending Approval, Cancelled. If this filter is not set, the system will return all the purchases orders, including those that are Pending Approval.
  • statusLine (optional)(string:20): the status of the line. Valid values: Pending , Confirmed , Cancelled , Partial Confirm, Shipped. 
  • purchaseOrderItemIds (optional)(string:200): A set of purchase order item IDs separated by commas. This is very useful for the Vendor Availability integration. 
  • includeVendorAvailabilityDetails (optional)(boolean:true/false): By default it's false. If this value is true, the response will include the details of the vendor availability information but you will have to apply the number filter and only one number is allowed at a time. 
  • updatedAsOf(optional) (datetime) (date format YYYY-MM-DDhh:mm:ss):When provided it will force the method to only return orders that have been updated as of the date/time that is specified. Time must be in the GMT time zone. 
  • excludeDetails(optional)(integer:1): specify 1 if you want the list only the header of the orders and exclude the details. Default = 0.  

Filtering by vendorId, status, number, origin, prebook and locationId uses an exact match. Filtering by vendor and product uses a "LIKE" expression. Filters are not case sensitive.

The array of boxes will be only available when the purchase order has been shipped from the farm.




  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.
  • message (string:500): description of the status of the transaction.
  • purchaseOrders: array of purchase orders
    • id (integer:20): Komet Sales internal purchase order ID.
    • number (integer:10): purchase order number.
    • origin (string:4): origin code.
    • vendorId(integer:20): vendor Komet Sales internal ID.
    • vendorName(string:200): vendor name.
    • shipDate(date): order ship date. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
    • status (string:1): status code (CF = Confirmed by Farm, A = Approved, PA = Pending Approval, CA = Cancelled).
    • locationId(integer:20): location Komet Sales internal ID.
    • locationName(string:200): location name.
    • totalCost(decimal:10,3): total cost of the order.
    • comments (string:500): special instructions or comments.
    • totalBoxes(integer:10): number of boxes.
    • updatedOn(datetime): last time when the order was updated. (date format YYYY-MM-DD'T'hh:mm:ss). Time will be in the GMT time zone.
    • createdOn(datetime):date when the order was created. (format YYYY-MM-DD'T'hh:mm:ss).
    • details: array of purchase orders details
      • poItemId(integer:20): PO item internal ID.
      • prebookItemId(integer:20): Prebook item internal ID.
      • prebook(integer:10):prebook number.
      • prebookTruckDate(date):prebook truck date. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
      • carrierId(integer:20): carrier Komet Sales internal ID.
      • carrierName(string:200): carrier name.
      • standingOrder(string:10): standing order number.
      • orderType(string:1): P for prebook, S for standing Order, D for double.
      • customerId(integer:20): customer Komet Sales internal ID.
      • customerName(string:200): customer name.
      • customerCode (string:50): Customer code.
      • shipName (string:200): Ship To name. 
      • shipCity (string:200): ship city name.  
      • shipState (string:200): ship state name. 
      • shipAddress (string:200): ship address. 
      • shipZipCode (string:10): ship zip code.  
      • shipCountry (string:200): ship country name.  
      • productId (integer:20) product Komet Sales internal ID.
      • productDescription(string:200): product description.
      • recipes: array of the products included within the recipe:
        • productDescription(string:200): item description.
        • stems(integer: 3): the number of stems.
      • laborAndMaterials: array of the labor and materials included within the recipe:
        • productDescription(string:200): product description.
        • quantity(integer: 3): the number of units.
      • totalBoxes(integer:10): number of boxes.
      • quantityConfirmed(integer:10): number of boxes confirmed by the vendor. 
      • boxType(string:3): box type code. (HB, QB, EB, etc).
      • bunches (integer:10): number of bunches per box.
      • stemsBunch(integer:10): stems per bunch.
      • unitCost(decimal:10,3): unit flower cost.
      • units (integer:10): units per box.
      • unitType(string:5): stem or bunch.
      • totalUnits(integer:10):total of units.
      • totalCost(decimal:10,3): total cost.
      • unitPrice(decimal:10,3): unit flower price. This field is only available if the token type is Company Token. 
      • totalPrice(decimal:10,3): total price. This field is only available if the token type is Company Token. 
      • markCode(string:20): special mark code or slot number.
      • customField1 (string:50): additional field #1.
      • notes (string:200): general notes for each line.
      • notesForVendor (string:200): notes for the vendor associated to the prebook item.
      • lineItemStatus(string:1): vendor status code of the product line. P for Pending, C for Confirmed, CA for Cancelled, PC for Partial Confirm, S for Shipped.
      • breakdowns: array of breakdowns
        • productId (integer:20): product Komet Sales internal ID.
        • productDescription(string:200): product description.
        • stemsBunch(integer:10): stems per bunch.
        • bunches (integer:10): number of bunches.
        • cost (decimal:10,3): unit flower cost.
      • boxes: array of boxes
        • boxCode(string:20): box code number.
        • lotNumber(integer:10): box lot number.
        • position (string:5): physical position of the box.
        • statusId(integer:10): status Komet Sales internal ID.
        • statusName(string:20): status name (Farm Shipped, Received Warehouse, Shipped Warehouse)
      • customFields: array of custom fields of the line, only if they exist.
        • name and value of the custom field (string:20).
      • vendorAvailabilityDetails: details of the vendor availability items associated to this line of the order. 
        • productDescription(string:200): product description.
        • availableFrom(date): date when the product was available from the vendor. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
        • postHarvest (string:20): post harvest. 
        • unitType(string:20): unit type. Stem or Bunch. 
        • unitsAllocated(integer:10): number of units allocated to this line of the order. 
        • downgraded (boolean): true if the product was downgraded.
        • originalProductDescription(string:200):product where the item was downgraded from. 
      • upc: details of the upc information added to the product. 
        • number (string: 50): UPC number. 
        • checkDigit(integer: 2): UPC check digit. 
        • pullDate(string: 20): UPC Pull date
        • price (string:20): UPC unit price. 
        • description (string:200): Product description for the UPC. 
        • instructions (string:200): Additional instructions for the UPC. 

Ship To information

The Ship To information can only be displayed if the token used is company type. Tokens type Vendor will not display that data.