This method returns a list of Prebooks with their corresponding details.




  • Method: GET
  • Content-Type: URL Params

Input parameters:

  • authenticationToken (required): Komet Sales security token.
  • date (required) (date): prebook truck date (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
    *Optional if the shipDateFrom and shipDateTo are entered.
  • prebook (optional)(integer:10): prebook number.
  • updatedAsOf (optional) (datetime) (date format YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss): When provided, it will force the method to only return orders that have been updated as of the date/time specified. Time must be in the GMT time zone.
  • customer (optional)(string:200): customer name or code. You can obtain this value from the customer.list API method.
  • customerId (optional)(integer:20): customer Komet Sales internal ID. You can obtain this value from the customer.list API method.
  • carrierName (optional) (string:200): carrier name.
  • carrierId (optional)(integer:20): carrier ID. You can obtain this value from the carrier.list API method.
  • vendorShipDateFrom (optional) (date): the ship date from the vendor. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).

  • vendorShipDateTo (optional) (date): the ship date from the vendor. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
    *The date range between shipDateFrom and shipDateFrom must not exceed 7 days.

  • salesPersonId (optional)(integer:20): customer's sales person ID.
  • soNumber (optional)(integer:20): standing order number.
  • customerPONumber (string)(integer:20): customer PO number.
  • locationId (optional)(integer:20): location Komet Sales internal ID.
  • brandId (optional)(integer:20): vendor Komet Sales internal brand ID.

Keep in mind

  • Filtering by Prebook, date, customerId, carrierId, salesPersonId,locationId, brandId, soNumber and customerPONumber uses an exact match.
  • Filtering by customer and carrier uses a "LIKE" expression.
  • Filters are not case sensitive.
Sample 1



  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.
  • message (string:500): description of the status of the transaction.
  • prebooks: array of prebooks
    • id (integer:20): Komet Sales internal prebook ID.
    • number (integer:10): invoice number.
    • locationId (integer:20): location Komet Sales internal ID.
    • locationName (string:200): location name.
    • locationCode (string:20): location code.
    • customerName (string:200): name of the customer.
    • customerId (integer:20): Komet Sales internal customer ID.
    • customerCode (string:20): code of the customer.
    • shipName (string:200): Ship To name.
    • shipCity (string:200): Ship city name.
    • shipState (string:200): Ship state name.
    • shipAddress (string:200): Ship address.
    • shipZipCode (string:10): Ship zip code.
    • shipCountry (string:200): Ship country name.
    • type (string:1): S for Standing Orders, P for standalone Prebooks, D for Doubles. 
    • truckDate (date): ship date of the order. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
    • customerPONumber (string:20): customer PO number.
    • carrierId (integer:20): carrier Komet Sales internal ID.
    • carrierName (string:200): carrier name.
    • shipvia (string:10): warehouse or grower. 
    • comments (string:200): order notes.
    • details: array of prebook details
      • prebookItemId (integer:20): Komet Sales internal prebook Item ID.
      • type (string:10): Identifies if the line was sold as Units or as Boxes. Possible values: Unit or Box.
      • vendorId (integer:20): grower or vendor Komet Sales internal ID
      • vendorName (string:200): grower or vendor name.
      • vendorShipDate (date YYYY-MM-DD): The Ship Date from the vendor..
      • productId (integer:20): product Komet Sales internal ID.
      • productDescription (string:200): product description.
      • totalBoxes (integer:10): number of boxes in the product line.
      • boxType (string:3): box type code (FB, HB, QB, etc).
      • bunches (integer:10): bunches per box.
      • stemsBunch (integer:10): stems per bunch.
      • unitPrice (decimal:10,2): unit price.
      • units (integer:10): units per box.
      • unitType (string:10): stem or bunch.
      • totalUnits (integer:10): total units in the product line.
      • unitCost (decimal:10,2): the units cost of the product line. (Only available for tokens type customer or vendor with the option of changing unit cost).
      • totalPrice (decimal:10,2): the amount of the product line. Unit Price times total units.
      • markCode (string:50): mark code.
      • brandId (integer:20): vendor brand Komet Sales internal ID.
      • brandName (string:200): vendor brand name.
      • generalNotes (string:500): product lines notes that are visible for both the customer and the vendor. 
      • vendorNotes (string:500): product lines notes that are only visible for the vendor.  
      • breakdowns: array of breakdowns
        • productId (integer:20): product Komet Sales internal ID.
        • productDescription (string:20): product description.
        • stemsBunch (integer:10): stems per bunch.
        • bunches (integer:10): number of bunches.
        • price (decimal:10,2): unit price.

If you use a token type vendor:

  • The system will return only the items associated to the vendor authenticated and the customer information will not be displayed nor sales prices. 
  • The system will only list Prebook items having Ship Date, Vendor and Cost.
  • The system will only list list Prebook items with a vendorShipDate equal or greater than the previous day.