This method returns general information on several invoices within a specific date range.


https://api.kometsales.com/api/ invoice.accounting.details.list

  • Method: GET
  • Content-Type: URL Params

Input parameters:

    • authenticationToken (required): Komet Sales Security Token.
    • orderDateFrom (required) (date): shipping date from (date format YYYY-MM-DD). The specified date range must not exceed 60 days.
    • orderDateTo (required) (date): shipping date to (date format YYYY-MM-DD). The specified date range must not exceed 60 days.
    • status: (optional)(integer:1) status of the order (0=Pending Approval,1=Confirmed), if this filter is not given, the system will return all the orders from the orderDate specified.
    • locationIds (optional) (integer:20): lists of locations IDs separated by colons. You can obtain these values from the location.list API method. This only applies for companies in Multi Location mode.
    • excludeTransfer (optional)(boolean): 1 if you want the system to list only the header of transfer orders and skip the details. 0 if you want to include all orders. By default will be 0.
    • externalSystemSynced (optional)(boolean): 1 if you want to search only the orders that were marked as synchronized. 0 for orders pending to be synchronized.
Sample 1



  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.
  • message (string:500): description of the status of the transaction.
  • invoices: array of invoices
    • id (integer:20): Komet Sales internal invoice ID.
    • number (integer:10): invoice number.
    • shipDate (date): ship date of the order. (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
    • locationId (integer:20): Komet Sales internal ID of the location.
    • customerId (integer:20): Komet Sales internal customer ID.
    • customerName (string:200): name of the customer.
    • customerCode (string:20): code of the customer.
    • subtotal (decimal:10,2): total of the order. This amount does not include Additional Charges nor taxes.
    • taxes (decimal:10,2): total of taxes.
    • additionalCharges (decimal:10,2): total of additional charges.
    • totalAmount (decimal:10,2): total of the order. Subtotal + additionalCharges + taxes.
    • accountingCodeSummary (array): array of accounting codes associated to the invoice
      • accountingCode (string:20): Accounting code associated to the product sold, additional charge or tax.
      • amount (decimal:10,2): total amount of the accounting code under the invoice.


  • This method can only be used with tokens type company.
  • Filters are not case sensitive.