This method allows you to obtain a list of the current available inventory but it will only include the Open Market items and it doesn't include costs and aging. This method returns the lists of items in a consolidated way.




  • authenticationToken (required) (string:50): Komet Sales security token.



  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for sucess or 0 for failure/error.
  • message (string:500): contains status description of request.
  • inventoryItems: array of available inventory items.
    • companyProductId (integer:20): ID of the product.
    • inventoryItemIds (integer:20): Inventory Item IDs separated by comma.
    • grade (string:100): grade or product cut point.
    • productDescription (string:200): product description.
    • productCode (string:20): product code.
    • quantity (integer:20): number of available boxes.
    • totalUnits (integer:20): total units. When unit type is bunch this is the number of total bunches; when the unit type is stem this is the number of total stems.
    • boxTypeId (integer:20): box type ID.
    • boxTypeCode (string:3): code used that corresponds to the size of the box (i.e. FB, EB, etc.).
    • unitType (string:5): unit type (Bunch or Stem).
    • bunches (integer:20): number of bunches per box.
    • unitsPerBox (integer:20): units per box or pack.
    • stemsBunch (integer:20) number of stems per bunch.
    • price (decimal:10,2): unit price or price per individual item.
    • category (string: 200): category name.