This method returns a list of Contacts for a given customer. 



  • Method: GET
  • Content-Type: URL Params.

Input parameters:

  • authenticationToken (required)(string:50): Komet Sales security token.
  • customerId (required)(integer:20): Komet Sales internal customer ID. You can obtain this value from the customer.list API method.




  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.
  • message (string:500): description of the status of the transaction.
  • contacts: array of Contacts of the customer.
    • id (integer:20): Komet Sales internal contact ID.
    • name (string:200): name of the contact.
    • type (string: 50): contact type (A/P, Buyer, etc)
    • phone (string:50): phone number of the contact.
    • ext (string:50): extension phone number of the contact.
    • mobile (string:50): mobile phone number of the contact.
    • fax (string:50): fax number of the contact.
    • email (string:50): e-mail address of the contact. 
    • description (string:200): additional description about the contact. 
    • instantMessaging (string:200): Number for instant messaging. 
    • emailPOD (boolean): identifies if the contact will receive PODs. 

    "status": "1",
    "message": "OK",
            "id": 23423,
            "name": "Joe Smith",
            "type": "Buyer",
            "phone": "594-123-0982",
            "ext": "345",
			"mobile": "305-0112-0982",
            "fax": "594-123-0112",
			"email": "contact@mydomain.com",
            "description": "nothing special",
            "instantMessaging": "594-123-0982",
            "emailPOD": false
            "id": 23245,
            "name": "Lance Bossard",
            "type": "A/P",
            "phone": "594-123-8615",
            "ext": "349",
			"mobile": "305-0112-0982",
            "fax": "594-123-0122",
			"email": "contact@mydomain.com",
            "description": "nothing special",
            "instantMessaging": "594-123-0982",
            "emailPOD": true