This method allows you to create or update AWBs for the future. 



  • Method: POST
  • Content-Type: application/json

Input Parameters:

  • authenticationToken (required)(string:50): Komet Sales security token.
  • originCode (required)(string:5): Origin code. Example: UIO, MDE, BOG, etc. 
  • shipDate (required) (date): awb ship date (date format YYYY-MM-DD).
  • awb (required) (number:15): AWB number. If the AWB given already exists in the system, only the instructions will be received. Ship Date and Origin fields will be ignored. 
  • instructions (optional)(string:50): special instructions for the AWB. 
  • houses (optional): array of houses that will be added to the AWB. 
    • house (required) (string: 20): House number. If the House number already exists, the system will update the location code, vendor code and instructions for the given House number. 
    • vendorCode (required)(string:20): vendor code. You can obtain this value from the vendor.list API method. 
    • locationCode (optional)(string:20): location code. You can obtain this value from the location.list API method. This only applies for companies in Multi Location mode. 
    • instructions (optional)(string:50): special instructions for the House. 

	"authenticationToken": "token_info_goes_here",
	"originCode" : "UIO",
    "shipDate" : "2017-11-15",
    "awb" : "234-2367-0983",
    "instructions" : "awb changed, previous AWB 4567",
	"houses" :
				"house" : "CM-93242111",
				"vendorCode" : "ABC",								
				"locationCode" : "06",
				"instructions" : "use for customer HJS"
				"house" : "CM-3242378",
				"vendorCode" : "HUJ",								
				"locationCode" : "09",
				"instructions" : "use for customer JAB"




  • status (integer:1): transaction status. 1 for success or 0 for failure.
  • message (string:500): description of the status of the transaction.

  	"status": "1",
  	"message": "success"