This section will provide instructions on how to approve Vendor Invoices. In order for a user to be able to approve vendor invoices, a setting named Allow invoice approval on reconciliation screens must be enabled on the user options screen.

Vendor Invoices Statuses

There are several vendor Invoice Statuses to consider before you read the workflow to approve the vendor invoices:

  • AP: Pending Approval by Procurement.
  • AA: Pending Approval by Accounting.
  • A: Approved.
  • ES: Sent to External System.
  • F: Failed.
  • S: Synchronized.

To approve an invoice, once the vendor uploads it to Komet, complete the following:

Go to Accounts Payable (A/P) > PO Reconciliation.

 Search for the purchase order number to be reviewed and approved. Please take into account this information when reconciling the PO:

  • When there's a discrepancy between the Vendor Invoice Total and PO Total columns, the system will highlight the cells in red, as seen in the image below.
  • The user, during the reconciliation process, also has the option to compare the warehouse Qty Received with Qty Conf by the farm (if these columns are viewable). When there is a discrepancy between these two columns the system will highlight in red the cells within these columns. This discrepancy can also be seen when viewing the Purchase Order Details screen on this tab by going to "Actions" and clicking on the magnifying glass icon.  Keep in mind that you are able to export an Excel file with the information on the PO Reconciliation tab. (To see more information on this topic refer to Export to Excel PO Reconciliation.)

The purchase order, by default, will have a Vendor Invoice Status of AP (Pending Approval by Procurement). After reviewing the totals information, the Procurement user has the option to approve it by clicking on the invoice number and then, going to the Actions column in the Invoice Upload window (read Upload Vendor Invoices for further information). 

Once the procurement user approves it, the system will show a message confirming the status update was successful, and the invoice status will be updated to "AA" (Pending Approval by Accounting)

The accounting user will have to review the invoice and approve or return it to Procurement for further review if needed. The system will give the accounting user three options in the Actions column of the Invoice Upload window: Approve Payment, Return to Procurement and Print.

Once the Accounting department approves the invoice, the system will change the status to A (Approved). This is the last step and it means the invoice's payment is ready to be processed. The Accounting department will be given two last options: Cancel Payment, from the invoice Upload screen and Print, from the Actions column in the PO Reconciliation screen.


  • When accounting Cancels a payment the invoice status reverts to AA (Pending Approval by Accounting) to be reviewed again.
  • When the invoice has an A (Approved) status, the user will be able to send the invoice to the External Accounting System or Quickbooks, if the company has integrated it with Komet (from the Actions gray button). Once the invoice is approved in Komet, the user can proceed to process the payment in their accounting system.
  • Only invoices with an Approved status will be transferred to QuickBooks. Komet, on the Sent to External System On column within the PO Reconciliation tab, will display in a tooltip the information of the user who sent the invoice to Quickbooks.
  • On this screen, users have the option to select the columns to view in the PO Reconciliation screen by clicking on the gear icon next to the "Search" button as shown below. 

  • Users of multilocation companies can filter by several locations at once. These filters are taken into account in Export to Excel and Send to External System options and will be remembered next time the user login into the system.

What can you do if the synchronization process fails?

When a PO has a Synchronized (S), Sent to External System (ES), or Failed (F) status, and for any reason, it is necessary to return the PO to an Approved status (if something went wrong with the synchronization process, for example) the system allows to do that. Just click on the drop-down menu in the Actions column for that PO and click on Return to Approved.

Click on the image to see the details.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Accounts Payable, Procurement Manager, Procurement User.