Komet Sales provides the ability of connect with Vida 18, so you can reflect automatically your Vida 18 inventory in Komet and sell it through any of the available sales channels in Komet.

How does this option work?

By using some of the available API methods,  you, as a company that uses Vida 18 and Komet Sales will be able to reflect your open market inventory available in Vida 18 into Komet. All the sales made in Komet will be reflected on Vida 18 and once a sale is made in Komet, it will be reflected automatically in Vida 18 and also, marked as paid in Komet Sales.  Notice that once this integration is enabled, the system will also synchronize customers, carriers and products between Vida 18 and Komet.



To activate this integration, follow the next instructions to create a vendor token and once it's done, send this token to the Vida 18 team so they can integrate your Vida 18 account with your Komet account.

 Go to Setup>>Settings.

 Click on Tokens, under Integrations settings.

The tokens window will open. Click on New Token.

(lightbulb) Security Level: Admin (token generation process).