The system allows you to set up how the vendor vendor information that should displayed for a specific customer. 

Available Options:


When the second and third options are selected, the system will display a filter by vendor, so buyers can search by vendor name or code.


Follow these steps

Use filters to Search for the customer needed. 

Under the Actions column click on "Edit". 

The Customer Information window will open, on the Setup tab click on the "Advanced" link. 

In the E-commerce Settings section, select the "DisplayVendor" option. 

Click on Save.

This is how e-commerce users will see the vendor information. In the next example, we activated for the customer the second option (only the code):

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin (From Seller company).


If you use the Ship Via Grower option for a customer, you may want to hide the vendor information or display only its code.