Komet Sales not only allows you to group your inventory by vendors, but also by brand.

The brand name refers to the grouping of products that have the same description and same quality but may come from different vendors. This option is for those companies that manage their inventory by brands instead of Vendors.


The user with the option to activate the Inventory Rotation in the Order Entry will be able to use the Vendor Brands.

How to Associate Brands to Vendors

Please contact Komet Sales to enable this option and create the brand names.

Go to Setup>>Vendors.

Click on Edit in the Actions column, the Vendor Information window will be displayed. Select the Brand and click on Save to finish.

How to Use This Option From the Order Entry screen

To set this option up, follow these instructions

Please verify that the Inventory Rotation setting is enabled. To find more information about how to enable it, refer to, Inventory Rotation.

Once both settings are activated, when adding an item to an order, the system will no longer display the inventory information grouped by vendor, but instead, it will be grouped by brand.

If the user doesn't have the Inventory Rotation setting enabled, the screen will show the Inventory items by Vendor and it will show the brand icon next to the vendor's code as seen on the GIF below.

Please keep in mind that if the Prebook product line item belongs to a particular brand, the system will not display any vendors as available to source the product. Also, note that this is not associated with a brand when trying to create a Purchase Order for that Prebook product line item.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to associated brands: Admin, Setup, Procurement Manager, Sales Manager

Roles enabled to use this option from the Order Entry screen: Admin, Sales Manager, Cashier, Sales, Allocations.