The system allows to Set up prices of products coming from Vendor Availability and K2K integrations from the same screen.

Pricing Setup

The system allows to manually set up the price of VA products. This price will be used when selling those products. Otherwise, the system will estimate the price based on a price list or the company's GPM. If you want the system to apply a Default Price list to VA products once they are confirmed from the Staging Area of VA, activate the option Apply Default Price List Upon Upload.

Mass Updating Prices

This option works both for VA and K2K products.

Go to Inventory > Add Inventory 

 Click on the "Vendor Units Availability" link. This option will only be available once the Vendor Availability feature has been activated for your account

 Click on the Available Items link.

 Use the available filters to find the products  for which you want to update the prices.

Click on Mass Update. Enter the price per unit and click on Save. A new confirmation window will appear informing the number of items to be updated. Click on Yes, Proceed to finish. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

There is a faster way to mass update prices using keyboard shortcuts.

The user will also be able to access shortcuts, by clicking on the "Would you like to be faster on this page?" link as shown on the image below:

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Sales Manager, Procurement User, Inventory.

Estimated Landed Cost

The system won't calculate the Landed Cost of VA products from this screen. Click on the image to see the details.