Authorized vendors have the option to massively allocate product to Purchase Orders with items from their Vendor Availability. 


Important rules for the Mass Allocation Process
  1. The Vendor should have the Vendor Availability option "Active".
  2. The system will only allocate items coming from a Prebook.
  3. The prebook products must be in boxes (The Mass Allocation process will take products in units from VA for allocating product in boxes).
  4. The system can allocate partially or completely a box.
  5. The system will not allocate past due Purchase Orders.
  6. The allocation process works allocating box by box, not by Product Line.
  7. During this process, at least one box must be allocated.
  8. In no case, will the system mix different Post Harvest within the same box (but it does it within the same PO item)
  9. For mixed boxes, the system will verify that all the products are available to complete at least one box, using a single Post Harvest.
  10. The PO item must not have a "canceled" status. It can be Pending, Partially Confirmed or Confirmed.


Mass Allocation Process

To start using this option follow the steps below:

Log in to your vendor account.

Go to Purchase Orders Confirm PO. 

 Using the filters, search for the items needing to be allocated. 

Once the user finds the products to be allocated click on the Actions button and select Mass Allocations.

The system will display a pop-up window called "Vendor Availability Allocation Process". You can apply filters before starting the process: Aging from and to, the Post Harvest of the inventory products, the Stems per Bunch number, and finally, the tags assigned to VA products. Finally, click on Continue.

Before filter your products, please take into account:

  • For the allocation process, the system will begin by allocating the oldest product (major aging).
  • Even if you can associate several Post Harvest from this filter, the system will start searching for the Post Harvest with the major aging.
  • If you have the same product, for the same date, the system will search for the Post Harvest with the greater amount of products.

 The system will take a few minutes to complete the allocation.

Once the system completes the allocation, a blue V will appear next to the product name indicating that the allocation using the vendor availability products was successful. The user can see more information about the product that was allocated by hovering the mouse over the blue V.

PO items partially allocated

When a PO item has not been completely allocated, a gray V indicator will appear next to the PO item name. Notice that in the next example, the system just allocated 50 units over a total of 247. The system does not allow reallocate products. The allocation process must be completed manually.