Hard Goods can also be scanned in order to be added to any order.


To do so, please follow the next steps:

Create the order or edit an existing one, then click on the Add Items button to open the inventory and select the Hard Goods tab.

 Click on the Scan Hard Goods option and start scanning the hard goods UPC number to add the product to the order.


Since several hard goods might have the same UPC code (belonging to different vendors, units or boxes) the system will add any of them to the order. 

The UPC number can also be typed in if needed.

Items will be added to the order as they are scanned or entered.

How to Add Hard Goods from the Add Order Screen

You can also add hard goods products to your orders directly from the Add Order screen provided that the order has been already created. To do this, scan or enter the UPC label and hit the Enter key with the cursor over the Scan Hard Goods field.

Keyboard Shortcut

Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + D to place the cursor over the Scan Hard Goods field.

Insufficient Units

In case there are not enough units to add to an order, the system will give the option of opening a box. Keep in mind that once a box is opened, the units price might change, based on the Unit Price Markup set up.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Sales, Sales Manager, Cashier, Allocations, Scanner.

Review Hard Goods Details

Once the hard goods have been added to an invoice, you will be able to review the details from the Add Order screen. Notice that the system displays  the Ref #, SKU code, Packs Size, Discount ,  quantities, Price, etc.