The system allows you to upload your Vendor's Availability by using an Excel file. This article explains how to do it. 


In order to sell vendor availability items, it is necessary to upload the CSV file first.  To do so, follow these instructions:

Go to Inventory > Add Inventory and click on the "Vendor Units Availability" link. This option will only be available once the Vendor Availability feature has been activated for your account. 

The Upload CSV window will appear. The following are the options found there:

  • Staging Area: Once the CSV file has been uploaded, through here Vendor Availability items can be managed to either set the default product packs or be mapped to your product description.
  • Available Items: Displays the items that are available to be sold within the specified date range, as well as the units that have been sold for each item.
  • You can download the sample CSV file from here: This link automatically downloads a Vendor Availability CSV file sample. Since CSV files don't have column titles, you can use the information found on the CSV Format subtitle to identify what information goes in each column. Remember that the Vendor Id is provided by us when this option is activated for each vendor, and it is a unique ID per vendor. We recommend opening this type of file with a Text Editing program instead of Excel. 
  • Drag your CSV file here or click: You can either drag the actual CSV file Vendor Availability you wish to upload, or just click within the dotted area to select the file you wish to upload.

Once the CSV file has been uploaded, the system will send a notification, via email, to the Komet company user that uploaded the CSV file with the upload results. Once the file was successfully uploaded, the Default Product Packs and Mapping can be set from the Vendor Availability Staging Area, as well as confirming the product. 

By clicking on the Export Availability green button located on the lower right-hand side of the page, you can generate an Excel file report with the Vendor Availability items to send via e-mail to your customers. To send it, just complete the fields require and click on the "Generate" green button to email the Export Availability report, as shown in the image below:



Mass Allocation

The system has an option to auto-allocate products on purchase orders linked to Prebooks with Vendor Availability products. The system takes into consideration the available items based on the ship date established in the purchase order to make the allocation. Future Sales orders are excluded from this Vendor Availability auto allocation process.

To activate this option, please contact Komet Sales Support.