Komet users have a fast way to upload vendor invoices into Komet by just sending the invoices attachment via email.


Komet users have a fast way to upload vendor invoices into Komet by just sending the invoices attachment via email and the system will upload them automatically. To enable this option please refer to Receive Vendor Invoices Via Email .

The users should take into account the information below before sending the email:

    • The Komet user should enter the email subject line using any of the following 2 ways, making sure to separate the information with a semicolon:

      1. PO number, Vendor Invoice Number, and Invoice Total. Example:  PPO#;Invoice #;Total Amount


      2. PO number and Invoice Total. Example: P PO#;;Total Amount (Please be sure that a double semicolon separates the PO # and the Invoice Total, if no Invoice # is included.)



        • The invoice attachments must be sent in a PDF file format. Any other file format that is not PDF will be discarded.
        • The PO # must be preface with a P in the subject line.
        • If there is more than one PDF file attached, the files will be merged into a single PDF.
        • Purchase Orders that have been already Approved will not be processed.
        • Users can associate several invoices to the same Purchase Order. In case you send several emails with different invoices for the same PO, the system will associate all them to the PO.



  • If the PO total does not match the Invoice total sent in the email, the invoice will be upload anyway with the total sent.
  • If you sent an email with a new invoice attached, the system will create it and associated to the PO, as with the invoices previously uploaded.
  • The users that can employ this option are the Vendor and Company users.


We send an email to the address specified on Vendor Invoices Via Email. The subject has the following structure:PO#;invoice#;total.

 In case the file is successfully processed, it will be uploaded to the system.

The system will submit successful, warning or error messages to the addresses specified on Copy Responses to regarding the uploading process:

How to Upload a Vendor Invoice Manually?

To Upload a vendor invoice manually, please refer to Upload Vendor Invoices to Komet Sales.