Komet Sales allows manually adding items to the inventory. However, users are allowed to upload inventory directly into the system by using an Excel file. This article explains how to do it. This process can be performed either from the Add Inventory or from the Data Import screen. 


Go to Setup>>Data Import.

The Data Import screen will open. The first step is to select the type of information you want to upload. Select Inventory in Boxes. From this screen, users can upload the Excel file with all the boxes information to be imported into Komet Sales. Download here an example of the Excel file.

Upload the file into the selected area and wait a couple of seconds. Notice that the Confirm Inventory check will automatically confirm the inventory from the staging area once the file is successfully uploaded.

 An email notification will be sent out with the results of the importing process. If the process is successful, an email will be sent to the logged on user. If some registers cannot be uploaded, the system will be sent an email with a link where users can review the reasons why the registers were not imported into Komet Sales.

 Once the information is uploaded, we strongly recommend you validate if the information has been correctly imported into the Komet Sales inventory.

To Upload Mixed Boxes...

To upload mixed boxes, make sure of keep in mind the following rules:

  • The Parent Line Breakdown # is required for mixed boxes. All the product lines (including the parent line) within a breakdown must have the same number in this column so the system knows the belong to the same box.

  • The first product row that appears from top to bottom will be the parent line.
  • You should submit either the product description or the product code for the breakdown product lines.



This feature allows you to upload mixed boxes. Make sure of enter the breakdown information for each product line. You will easily identify