Komet Sales allows you to use an Excel file with a certain structure in order to upload Customers into the system. You will also be able to update customers from this screen. This article explains how to carry out the process.


Go to Setup>>Data Import.

The Data Import screen will open. The first step is to select the type of information you want to upload. Select Customers. From this screen, users can upload the Excel file with all the Customers to be imported into Komet Sales. Download here an example of the Excel file.

If you are going to carry out this process without having any customer previously uploaded. you can download the empty template. On the contrary, if you want to update some settings and information for customers already charged into the system, download the Excel file of your customers

Upload the file into the selected area and wait a couple of seconds.

An email notification will be sent with the results of the importing process. If the process is successful, an email will be sent to the logged user. If some register cannot be uploaded, the system will email a link with the discrepancy details and the reasons for the importation interruption.

Once the information is uploaded, we recommend you to validate if the information has been correctly imported into the Setup>>Customers screen.


To Keep in Mind

The red fields in the Excel file are required, while the green ones are optional.


Please keep in mind the specifications indicated on the Excel sample file, including the limit of characters allowed to avoid issues during the process.