Users can track AWBs in the system. Options are also available for opening an AWB, setting arrival dates and checking the AWB status.


Reopening an AWB

Sometimes, after an AWB has been closed, changes may be necessary. To reopen an AWB follow the steps bellow:

Go to Tracking > AWB Summary.

 Search the AWB number needed.

 Once it appears, go to the "Actions Column" > Click on the arrow button > Select the option Open.

The AWB will reopen and the user will be able to make any changes that are necessary. 

Tracking an AWB

Go to Tracking AWB Summary.

 Enter the specific AWB number and click on Search.

 AWB details such as Ship date, Arrival date, if the product was farm shipped or received in the warehouse, the number of boxes and status, will be displayed. Click on the AWB number for more details.

Label printing

Here, the users will have the option to print  AWB labels by following the steps below

Go to Tracking AWB Summary.

 Enter the specific AWB number and click on Search.

Click on the AWB number to view the AWB details. 

A window will appear with the AWB details where labels can be printed by clicking on the "Print Labels" link from the Actions column for a specific line, or by clicking the Print Labels gray button to print all labels in the AWB.

AWB Ship Date and Arrival date

To change AWB dates, go to the Actions column and click on Edit (From the AWB Summary screen).

 Change the ship date and the arrival date (Changing the arrival date will update all the inventory items from this AWB), and click on Save. The AWB is now updated.

Establishing and Changing Arrival Date per Location

In the case of multilocation companies, the system allows setting a different arrival date per each location associated to the same AWB. For doing that, follow these steps:

Go to Tracking>>AWB Summary. Use the filters for searching for a specify AWB.

Notice the system displays the same AWB in a different line per location. Place the cursor over the arrival date column for a given location and click on Set Arrival Date. Once you are done click on Save.

 For changing the arrival date once this has been established, go to the Actions column and click on the drop-down menu and click on Edit. The system will take you to the previous window.


 Once the arrival date has been set up, and you place the cursor over the Arrival date column for an AWB line, the system will display the name of the user along with the time of the operation.

Receive AWB

Once the setting Allow Users to Manually Mark Boxes as Received on the Scanner Options is enabled, the system will allow you to mark the boxes confirmed in the inventory without scanning them, as Received.

Go to Tracking>>AWB Summary.

 Go to the actions column for a given AWBs, click on the drop-down menu.

Click on Receive AWB. 

A confirmation window will pop up, click on Yes, Proceed to finish the process.

The boxes will be marked as Received.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Tracking.

Where is the product?

Once you click on any AWB number, the system will take you to the AWB Details Summary screen from where you can print labels and reports, see additional details such as the AWB status and know where the product is (Staging, Inventory, Sold). Once the product is sold and you place the cursor over the word "Sold" in the Status column, you can view the invoice number and date. This screen gives you the option to return to the AWB Summary by clicking on Back.