(lightbulb) Welcome! This guide is designed to get you started on processing Standing Orders  in Komet.

What is a Standing Order? What information does a Standing Order have?

A Standing Order in Komet is a template that causes the system to generate Prebooks automatically with a specified recurrence and for a certain customer. When certain conditions are fulfilled, the system can also generate Purchase Orders automatically (based on Prebook's information).

Standing Orders must include the following information:

  1. Customer
  2. Recurrence
  3. Days
  4. Carrier
  5. Starting on date
  6. Location (in multi-location companies)

What Is the purpose of creating a Standing Order
  • To save time since it avoids having to create the same Prebook again and again.
  • To ensure adequate time to order product from your vendors.
I want to starting using Standing Orders in Komet. What do I do first?
  1. Activate the setting: This can be done from the Standing Order settings. The system will ask for the number of days before the Truck Date for generating the Prebooks.
  2. Set up the creation rules for Purchase Orders: The system provides the option to generate the Purchase Order based on the Prebook as well as sending the Purchase Orders automatically by email.
  3. Customize the Standing Order changes notification: Once a modification is made to a Standing Order the system can inform vendors and users within your company. This setting must be set up on a per location basis in multi-location companies.

For further information read Settings for Standing Orders.

How to create Standing Orders doubles

There will be cases in which you may offer to double up the customer’s  Standing Orders during the holidays. In these cases, the "Holiday Orders" feature comes in handy since you can easily double up their orders without affecting the automatic generation of Prebooks and PO's from Standing Orders.

Holiday Orders can be generated massively or individually, from the Standing Order Summary.

How to identify Holiday Orders

Prebooks coming from holiday orders will have a D prefix as shown on the next screenshot:

What actions can be carried out with Standing Orders?

There are several actions that can be carried out with Standing Orders:

  • Send by Email
  • Print
  • Lock
  • Cancel
  • Reactivate
  • View which Prebooks are associated to a given Standing Order