The Standing Order Summary screen displays a snapshot of the SO's generated. But there are also several options you can perform from this screen such as Locking a Standing Order, Create Manually Prebooks from Standing Orders and even Creating a New Standing Order. 


Standing Order Summary Filters

1) The system will display by default the next screen when you go to the SO Summary. Click on Search.

2) Once you click on Search the system will display all the available filters for searching for the desired SO. In this case, we are going to filter by Procurement Status>> Pending and then we click on Search. The system will show all the SO's which are missing the product cost or the vendors.

Custom Columns

Columns displayed in the Standing Order Summary can be hidden/shown by clicking on the gear icon.


How to Know Which Prebooks are Associated to a Standing Order

Please take into account

Standing Orders for Future Sales customer do not have this option available since those orders do not generate prebooks.


1) The system allows users to quickly identify which Prebooks have been generated from a given Standing Order. For doing this, please go to the Actions column and click on View Prebooks.

2) Once you click on View Prebooks, the system will take you to Prebooks Summary where you will see the Prebooks generated by the Standing Order chosen and will automatically open the detail of the first SO generated according to the filters.


Generating SO's Reports and Exporting Details

1) Go to Prebooks & SO's.

2) Go to Standing Order Summary.

3)Go to the Actions gray button and click on it.

You can export the SO's information to Excel, send by email a custom report and access to BI dashboards.

SO's Actions Column

Provided that a Standing Order has not been canceled yet, there are several actions you can perform by clicking on the drop-down menu in the Actions column. You can also see the Standing Order details clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

When the Standing Order is Locked, you can perform the next actions:

If the Standing Order is unlocked, will be able to perform the next actions:

Standing Order Changes Notification

When you perform some actions in a Standing Order (Delete, Cancel or Edit Vendors and Costs), you might inform your vendors. The system allows you to notify them by email.

How to set it up?

1) Go to Setup>>Vendors

2) Go to the Actions column for a given vendor and click on Edit.

3) Click on the Contacts tab, enter the information of the contact to be notified, check the box E-mail POs, and click on Save to finish.

4) Once you set this up , the next step is to activate this option for your company or location. If you enable the option, the system will notify the vendor once a line in an existing PO is added, edited or deleted (provided that it has vendor assigned), also when the truck days or the vendor are modified. Notice the system will ask for a confirmation before emailing the vendor (you can also skip this confirmation if you want to). This includes also products with breakdown information.

Copies and Replies of SO Changes Notifications

The system also allows you to copy the email sent to vendors to any emails you choose and even enter an email address for the questions your vendor might have. To do so, go to Setup>Settings>Standing Order Settings and enter the email on the field SO Changes Notifications and the replies, on the field Reply Notifications To.