When this option is enabled, the system will show the arrival date in all E-Commerce transactions. Users must activate this option an also set up the transit days per customer, the available carriers, cut offs, etc. All these options will affect the dates when the products will be available.


Initial Setup

This option must be set up per customer on the Advanced Setup. Once enabled, the next step is configuring the Transit Days per customer, since they will be used for calculating the delivery date.


Once these settings are enabled, all the transactions carried out for the customer will show the delivery day. However, it is important to take into account other settings which will affect the product available days.

The carrier choice displayed when placing an order depends on the settings Setting a Cut Off on E-commerce and Days of Service per CustomerThe following example will be useful to understand this:

In the Days of Service per Customer tab, we entered the next transit days per customer (the difference between the ship day and the delivery day) and the carriers for the Customer "Alzate". Notice this customer has available carriers for Sunday's and Thursday's:

We also configure the Cut Off (please refer to Setting a Cut Off on E-commerce). Notice that for all days we chose Customer Day of Service.  When clicking on the Add more link, we can add additional carriers to those we set up per customer (Days of Service tab) and those will be available for the customers to use when placing E-commerce orders.

Thus, when placing an order on August 19 (Friday) from the E-Commerce, this customer will be able to select the next dates based on the carrier's availability for each day. (Remember the carrier's days of service are Sunday and Thursday and the transit days is two (2) for both).

Notice that on Fridays, there is no going to be carrier available to deliver products. If we want this customer to be able to place an order for August 19 to be delivered the same day, we must set up a carrier for Friday's from the Cut Off setting whose transit days is zero (0) days. For example, Delivery.

Now, when the customer selects August 19 for the product to be delivered, the system will select the carrier Delivery by default, since is the available carrier for that day.

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin, Sales, Sales Manager, Allocation. (From Seller company).