Usually, If you have enabled the standing order automatic process the system will calculate the ship date for the purchase orders based on the number of days prior to the truck date for each of the ports, but this date does not necessary match the vendor's shipping schedule.In order to set up a shipping schedule by vendor, please follow the next instructions:


Now the ship date for each of the purchase orders can be calculated based on the vendor's shipping schedule, you can do so by following the steps below:

Go to the Setup > Vendors tab and click on the vendor you want to configure.

The vendor information window will open, click on the Shipping Schedule tab and select the Ship from Vendor Days in order to get the Vendor Ship Day. If the setting Inbound Truck Freight is enabled, you will be able to associate a carrier for each vendor Ship Day which will be suggested once users enter a ship date during a PO creation. As a final comment, these settings are also reflected on the Bulk Purchasing Mode where the system will load the ship date for each vendor. If the vendor has a specific shipping schedule it will have priority over the Port Management Settings, if the vendor does not have a shipping schedule the system will use the Port Management Settings in order to load the ship date.



Vendor Shipping Schedule for Multilocation Companies

In the case of multilocation companies, since the date for a product to arrive can vary for each location, the system allows you to associate a different shipping schedule on a per location basis. If the setting Inbound Truck Freight is enabled, you will be able to associate a carrier for each Vendor Ship Date.