This screen allows you to perform several actions with orders such as print labels, generate reports as well as keep track of the orders' statuses.


Available Reports

Follow the next instructions to print reports from the Shipping Order Summary:

Click on Shipping>>Order Summary and click on Reports.

By clicking on the Reports gray button, you can generate several reports such as Shipping by Grower Report, Cubes Report, Carrier Pick Ticket Report, and Order Summary Report. All these reports will take into account the filters applied for orders in boxes.

Available Filters and Shortcuts

The Shipping Order Summary has many filters available, such as order #, customer, box code, BOL status, label status, order status, arrival date range, order date range, puller name, Customer PO #, among others. All those filters will be taken into account when printing labels or generating reports. If you want to filter by carrier, yo have either the option of enter several carriers at the same time (Mutiple Mode) or type the carrier name.

The system also has shortcuts to find your orders quickly according to the ship date of the order. To do so, just click on the Shortcuts link and the system will display the available options to filter the orders:


It is important to point out that the reports that can be generated by clicking on the Reports tab will only work for orders having boxes.

Print Documents

Notice that next to the Order column there is a checkbox from where you can select the orders for which you want to apply the filters. By checking the first box, the system will select all the orders. By clicking on the Actions button, the system displays several options, such as Print Bills of Lading (BOLs)Print Customer Shipping LabelsPrint Shipping Pallet LabelsChange the Ship Date of the OrdersPrint Canadian Customs Invoice (CCI).

How to Print Labels

Shipping Labels can be printed by clicking on the Actions column. Once you do that, the system will ask you to choose a preference for sorting the Shipping Labels before you print them (unless the option Auto Remote Printing for Labels has been unselected from the Label Options).

Order Statuses

From the Shipping Order Summary screen, it is possible to see what is the status of the order in the Status column.

  • Blue icon: means that the order is being processed in the e-commerce.
  • Yellow icon: means that the order is being processed by the salesperson.
  • Green icon: means that the order has been confirmed by the sales department.
  • Orange icon: means that the order is being reprocessed by the salesperson.
  • Red icon: means that the order has been voided.
Mark Boxes as Scanned

The system allows you to manually mark boxes within a order as completely scanned instead of doing it manually with the scan gun. Follow these instructions:

1) Activate this option on a per-user basis by going to Setup>>Users, click on Edit, in the Actions column and go to the Options tab. Check the setting Allow manually marking orders as scanned.

2) Once the option is enabled, the user will have to go to Shipping>>Order Summary, search for the order to be marked, go to the Actions column and click on Mark as Scanned. A confirmation window will appear, click on Yes, proceed to finish. This option works even if the order is partially scanned.

(lightbulb)Roles enabled to perform this action:  Admin, Shipping.