This option is for multi-location companies that need to transfer inventory to a customer (or from one distribution center to another) passing through an intermediate location.


The following initial setup is required in order for the Pass Through Location Transfers to work:

Enable the Outbound Truck Freight for the company. For more information refer to the following link: Outbound Freight.

Make sure the Box Dimensions are properly entered so that the system can calculate the correct number of cubes for each inventory item. For more information, refer to Box Dimensions.

Go to Setup>>Customers and search for the customer which will have a Pass Through Location.

 Click on Edit in the Actions column. Click on Setup->Advanced>>Days of Service.

For each location associated to the customer, select the Pass Through location. In the GIF below we select Miami as the origin location and Riverside as the Pass Through Location, meaning that all the orders created on Miami for the customer ABC Flower will be transferred to Riverside first and then could be shipped to the final customer.



If you want to transfer inventory from one location to another passing through an intermediate location, the final customer must be set up as a Customer Transfer. Please read Multilocation Transfer Setup for further information.