The system allows setting a Cut Off time for shipments per day of the week as well as which carriers are available for the customer selected.The user will be able to choose a cut off so orders are not placed after a certain hour or on specific days of the week, as well as the carrier options that will be displayed for the E-commerce user. 


  • Even if this option allows you to set up a cut-off time for the e-commerce, the system will also take into account the Carrier cut off time in the e-commerce transactions, prioritizing whichever one is set up earlier.
  • Leaving this option blank, the system will consider the default cut-off time (Carrier Cut Off Time).


Go to "Setup" > Click on "Settings":

  • Single Location Companies: Click on the "E-Commerce Settings" link.
  • For Multiple - Locations Companies, Click on the "Locations" tab > Select the location to work on and click on "E-Commerce Settings".

For both company types, a pop-up window called E-Commerce Settings will appear. The user will find the "Cut Off" option. Here, the user will be able to enter the cut off time information for each day or select "No Shipping", which will not allow E-commerce buyers to submit orders for that day. Once the times are set, customers will not be able to submit orders for same day shipping after the time set has passed. The value entered must be in HHMM format in EST zone. 

Once the day and time information have been updated, the user must select the carrier information. Users will have the following options:

  • All Carriers:  The system will show all carriers associated with the company. For multi-location companies, the system will show all carriers associated to the selected location.
  • Customer Day of Service:  The system will show the carrier configured for each customer from the Setup > Customer > Edit within the "Actions" column >Days of Service option. If the customer does not have carriers assigned for that specific day on the Days of Service option, the system will provide the option to Add more carriers in order to these to be available for these customers to use when placing E-commerce orders. This option can be used along with the Customer's Day of Service option. If the user does not specify any additional carrier and there is no carrier set for that customer in the Customer's Day of Service in the customer account, the system will not allow any orders to be placed on E-Commerce by these customers as the dates will appear blocked.

After setting the Cut Off click on Save to finish. 

(lightbulb) Roles enabled to perform this action: Admin. (From Seller company).

Inventory Types Applicable

The cut off time  (set up either per carrier or on e-commerce settings) will apply to all inventory types displayed on e-commerce, including on hand, Vendor Availability, K2K and future inventory.